18mm wide where it connects to the watch.Fits all watch brands. Mens extra-long length (10.5)Ballistic Nylon Watch BandComes with new spring bars.FREE SHIPPING!

This nylon strap is called a Military MoD G10 Ballistic Nylon WatchBand. It is often worn by Nato military personal, police, and divers. This one-piece strap weaves through both lugs of the watch and under your watch. If one spring bar breaks, the remaining spring bar will hold the strap and your watch to your wrist. Great safety feature if you are active. Shiny, stainless-steel buckle and keeper rings. Length = 10.5 Thickness is about 1.2mm NOTE: The width of the watchband in the picture shown may be wider or narrower than the size you are actually ordering. We use this size picture of the band to show the detail of the fabric.

Military MoD G10 Ballistic Nylon Watch Strap Grey 18mm Watch band by deBeer EWFGRNSTC

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Military MoD G10 Ballistic Nylon Strap Grey 18mm band by deBeer EWFGRNSTC

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