• Leather Belt for Men Automatic Buckle Ratchet Slide Holeless Long 50 IBNEHFDOM

100% Cowhide1.Genuine cowhide leather strap with stainless steel buckle for durability and strength.2.Belt measures 50 x 1.4 and is easily adjustable to accommodate any size waist. If needed, simply remove buckle and trim leather to size.3.No more holes ! Effortlessly size belt to within a quarter of an inch to achieve the perfect fit.4.Stylish gift box included. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because.5.Meet our Men's Belt – The #1 Gift Idea for Dads, Husbands, Boyfriends, Brothers, Nephews, Grandsons, Grandfathers, etc

Men's Luxury Series Genuine Cowhide Leather Ratchet Belt with Removable Buckle - Perfect for Dress Pants, Jeans, Chinos, Trousers .

MEIRONG Belt Features:
1.Fashionable leather belt provides 30 unique adjustments for an extremely comfortable fit.
2.Easy to remove buckle allows you to cut the belt to your ideal size. Effortlessly achieve a custom-tailored appearance in minutes!
3.Ease of use - just slide the belt into the buckle and pull the belt through.
The buckle automatically locks the belt into place. To remove, gently push the lever on the side of the buckle and the lock will release the belt. Simple, smooth, and sleek!
4.Genuine leather quality belt with gorgeous imprinted leather.
5.Complemented with a stylish, stainless steel buckle - Elegant design that is scratch resistant and made to last.

How to Shorten Your MEIRONG Ratchet Belt:
A.Place belt on a hard surface and locate the short tab that is positioned on the underside of the belt.
B.Pull the tab firmly to release the grip on the leather strap.
C. Note: You may have to pull very hard in order to release the grip.
Do not worry about breaking it as it is designed to come apart so that the buckle can easily be replaced after it is adjusted.
Cut off excess leather depending on your waist girth.
D.Position the leather strap back into the buckle and firmly press the tab back down into place.

How to Care for Your Meirong Ratchet Belt:
A.Store in a dry, ventilated area.
B.Clean belt with soft fabric.
C.Don't expose leather to direct sunlight, extreme heat, or cold temperatures.Doing so will cause the belt to expand and contract unnecessarily.
D.To avoid wrinkling, don't roll up the belt. Store flat if possible.
E.Regular care for your belt will keep it looking new for years to come.

Leather Belt for Men Automatic Buckle Ratchet Slide Holeless Long 50 IBNEHFDOM

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Leather Belt for Men Automatic Buckle Ratchet Slide Holeless Long 50 IBNEHFDOM

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